The Lion Throne Chair
The Lion Throne Chair


Description the Lion Throne Chair There.all material is made by Teak wood. The shiny Gild wood with red fabric,this is the best color that people like. In China , all people like red,because red bring you good luck . Gold color stands for wealth. So we are know if you are rich,you are happy.

Then the king throne chair is big size and very high that there is 2 steps to go to seat. why we make this? Because this chair for power man, when you sit it down, all of us should crawlling at your feet,Looking up at you!

Two side of Royal throne chair has 4 lions, Oh,they are so lovely family. Like Lion father,Lion mother,Lion daughter and lion Son. they are love each so much.but in the meanwhile they nerver forget to proctect their Majesty of the King.


The Head of Empire Single Chair looks like Palace bussiness which has two angle wing on the side.

This chairs is so Owesome,Luxurious, Elegant.oh, I can not Description how it is Beatiful!

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